Grades 5 - 8
Outdoor School, Mt. Aetna Camp, Hagerstown, MD
April 11-13

                                                Blind Tag Ice Breaker
After a 1.5 mile up-hill hike we made it to Black Rock Cliffs.
Getting some great shots of Cumberland Valley.                         Group picture!
Enjoy the view                                                 Hmm...

   Many students enjoyed canoeing when it wasn't raining.
                                                                                     Beautiful sunset after the rain.
Receiving instructions for the low ropes course.  This was a great challenge and team-building activity.

                                                                      Balance Log - This team found the solution in 10 minutes!

Most students then tried the high ropes.  These were 30 feet off the ground.

                                                                                 Those who didn't go found some critters in the leaves.

Then we got up close with some of the reptiles and amphibians at the camp.